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DNA Sequencing

Exclusive Partnership

                                                                                    Istomedica lab is the exclusive distributor in Greece and scientific partner of OncoDNA

                                                                                    Company (www.oncodna.com), which was founded by a team of experts with many

                                                                                    years’ experience in DNA sequencing and diagnostic analyses in oncology, benefits

                                                                                    from over 60 years' expertise in medical diagnostics.


                                                                                    OncoDEEP DX is a sequencing test of the genes which are linked to targeted cancer

                                                                                    reatments, using the method of Next Generation Sequencing. The genetic analysis

                                                                                   of the patient’s tumor identifies specific mutations and makes it possible to choose

                                                                                    the specific targeted treatments.

Since scientific breakthroughs in the study of cancer development have shown that no two patients are alike, no two cancer tumors are the same, leading to a need of personalized medicine. OncoDEEP DX is an accredited test (ISO15189) of identifying mutations of 50 genes which are linked to targeted therapies currently on the market, generating a complete molecular fingerprint of the tumor. In this way, OncoDEEP DX is a useful tool in order for the doctor to decide which treatment combination will use for every patient.

The tumor DNA is extracted from tissue in paraffin block, which is sent to OncoDNA Company (www.oncodna.com) and the genetic analysis is done in Belgium’s biggest laboratory, the Institute of Pathology and Genetics, IPG.  The test, also, includes bioinformatic analysis and the results are interpreted by a network of experts including pathologists, geneticists, molecular biologists and pharmacists who, finally, advice the best treatment possible. The results are sent after 7-10 days and they are available through OncoShare, a web interface, through which the doctor is able to share and discuss them with other partners.