92 Michalakopoulou street, Ilissia, Athens, 115 28

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Examinations we perform

The ISTOMEDICA laboratory performs full histological, immunohistochemical and molecular tests for all kinds of tissues. Our work consists of the study of small materials (e.g. biopsies), larger preparations and autopsy material.

In collaboration with experienced cytologists, there is the Diagnostic possibility of all cytological specimens, PAP-test, FNA, etc.

Our laboratory has the capability to use specific indicators, with the technique of immunohistochemistry for proper diagnosis of difficult or intractable diagnostic problems.

Furthermore, with the use of molecular examinations, we study mutations in EGFR, K-RAS, BRAF, ALK, etc. genes for personalized treatment and with the CISH method we study the overexpression of the HER-2 / Cerb-B2 / neu gene.