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ISTOMEDICA has chosen ONCODNA as its preferred supplier of clinical grade molecular diagnostics for

Brussels & Athens, 17 September 2014 Belgium based OncoDNA SA, the cancer theranostic company, which performs DNA next generation sequencing (NGS) and classical IHCs to provide oncologists with drug treatment recommendations, has recently finalized a distribution agreement with ISTOMEDICA, a leading pathology laboratory in Greece to bring affordable and state-of-the-art theranostic analyses to the Greek population. Istomedica has chosen OncoDNA as its preferred supplier of clinical grade molecular theranostic using the OncoDEEP DX and Clinical cancer panels in combination with the Package PLUS, a cancer specific package of different IHCs and other tests like FISH, methylation, etc The collaboration agreement with OncoDNA will enable Greek physicians to access medical innovations based on next gen sequencing, providing them with clinically relevant interpretations of patients’ tumours by using the OncoSHARE web platform designed by OncoDNA. This collaboration agreement confers exclusivity in Greece on Istomedica. This is the second exclusive agreement granted by OncoDNA. OncoDNA’s aim is to provide medical innovations based on targeted sequencing or on the complete sequencing of tumor genomes, complemented with molecular pathology testing, in order to assist medical doctors in their treatment choices and/or provide better monitoring of the evolution of patient tumors. OncoDNA is an affiliated company of IPG (Institute of Pathology and Genetics) in Belgium. Istomedica, is a high experienced laboratory that conducts a full histological, immunohistochemical and molecular testing in all kinds of tissues. Our work is to study small materials (e.g. biopsies of stomach, intestine, skin, prostate, brain, etc.), larger surgical specimen such, thyroid gland, breast, uterus, intestine, lung, etc. and autopsy material (forensic). Furthermore, material from FNA or Pap – tests is examined. Mr Jean-Pol Detiffe, founder and CEO of OncoDNA, said: “With this distribution agreement, OncoDNA is continuing to fulfill its ambitions, using innovations based on molecular characterization of tumor; to help medical doctors make the right treatment choice and better monitor tumor development in the patient.” The scientific responsible doctors, Mr. Dimitrios Vlachodimitropoulos MD, PhD and Mr Nikolaos Goutas MD, PhD are active pathologists Assistant Professors at the Athens Medical School in Greece with a lot of scientific research covering large areas of laboratory diagnosis and laboratory owners, they comment: “This agreement with OncoDNA will enable Greek physicians to access molecular diagnostic information based on next gen sequencing for their treatment decisions and demonstrate the use of such information to improve patient outcomes. We were very impressed by the OncoSHARE web platform and also by the e-learning solution developed by OncoDNA in collaboration with the University of Brussels”. About OncoDNA SA Based in Belgium, OncoDNA is a leading company specialized in the personalized analysis of tumor DNA. OncoDNA currently has two services, OncoDEEP and OncoTRACE, used for the targeted sequencing or complete sequencing of tumor genomes. These medical innovations assist medical doctors with treatment choice and/or provide better monitoring of tumor evolution in patients. For more information, please visit www.oncodna.com About ISTOMEDICA E.E. Based in Athens, Istomedica is one of the most modern, well organized and experienced laboratory in Greece conducting full histological, immunohistochemical and molecular testing in all kinds of tissues. Our lab and administration staff, is highly skilled, educated and trained in order all our targets and ISO 15189 prerequisites to be achieved. In 2013, 13.800 patient samples have been examined while in 2014 we believe that more than 23.000 samples are going to be examined. For more information, please visit www.istomedica.gr For more information, contact: Jean-Pol Detiffe Founder & Chief Executive Officer SA Avenue Georges Lemaître 6041 Gosselies, Belgium Tel. +32 71 347899 E-mail: jp.detiffe@oncodna.com Web: www.oncodna.com Marinis Michael Operations & Customer Relations Director ISTOMEDICA E.E. Tel +302107470244 Fax +302107470422 Mobile +306970000011 mail: marinis@istomedica.gr web: www.istomedica.gr See more at: http://www.oncodna.com/en/content/exclusive-agreement-istomedica-greece#sthash.E2fCsrBy.dpuf

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